The long working experience, the acquired experiences, both the author and many world experts in the field of medicine and health care, as well as the conclusions from many congresses, seminars and symposia are the result of the long-term desire for appearance infront the largest possible audience. The desire to be healthy exists since there is mankind.

The summarized results from many healthcare areas are sprayed in easy-to-use information to every user of health services.

The site is copyrighted original and experiential work that is put in the service of human needs for healthy, trouble-free life.

Therefore, the huge and multi-faceted team of members from the public, private and specialist fields of medicine is only a confirmation that the site will display its role and placement, if it is fully accepted by the larger reader audience, moreover, the team involved in its realization has the final goal – in the service of the citizen and his health.




The position of the ” medcounsellor ” website justifies the intended goal of acquiring a million audiences, primarily because the fact that the health and temporary prevention of diseases is the biggest human desire since the emergence of the human race to this day. For these reasons, through it in a very popular and understandable manner, he tries to be present in every environment, all the more so that he abounds with practical and instructive advice, examples and solutions for how to get the first necessary help  to ourselves in the simplest way.


We expect and wish it to be a bridge between the real desires and our professional capabilities to meet the fulfillment and answer questions that will be found in the form of the “Forums and questions to the doctor”.