Novko Canevski – Herbal & Apitherapy expert 

Novko Canevski, beekeeper, herbalist and nutritionist was born in Pchinja, Kumanovo, Macedonia in 1924, to an agricultural family. Secondary education ends in Kumanovo, and agricultural high school ends in Bitola, Macedonia. Two mandates of four years, was president of the Beekeeping Association from Kumanovo, and in 1987 became president of Beekeeping Union of Macedonia. In 1988, he was the president of the Beekeeping Union of the former Yugoslavia, based in Belgrade. He was awarded the highest recognition “Advanced Beekeeper of Yugoslavia”, then “Honored Beekeeper of Serbia” and a gold medal and plaque “Honored Beekeeper” of Macedonia. Participates with his own works and topics at several congresses, symposiums and other high domestic and international gatherings related to beekeeping. He has won many awards, diplomas of gratitude and praise from various beekeeping organizations, associations. He still deals with beekeeping, own honeybee where he produces honey and other bee products: royal jelly, propolis, pollen, bee venom, queen bees and bee families.

It is also a manufacturer of many kinds bee medicines, beverages and salve, and propolis liquid (drops) – the strongest natural antibiotic


Sanja Dimitrievikj – Nutritionist

     Sanja Dimitrievikj is dedicated and qualified nutritionist with five years experience. She offers dietary advices to help people develop healthier diets and lifestyles. She instructs clients in proper meal preparations and diet therapies and she creates new recipes based on local, organic and sustainable food sources. Especially adept at crafting special menus tailored to reconcile individual patient health needs with food preferences. She is committed to continuing education in nutrition and healthy behaviors for patients and in the broader community.




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