Nutrition for those with colitis should be balanced first of all. An important component of effective treatment is, as with any other digestive system disorder, the respect of certain nutrition principles. First of all, it is recommended to increase the number of meals during the day to five or six. Meals should be small. In acute colitis, fewer carbohydrate-rich foods should be consumed. Therefore, the colitis diet should be carefully planned.

Diet for colitis

If you suffer from colitis, it is necessary to eliminate from your meal beef, pork and other types of red meat, hot or cold foods, fried foods, fruit juices and raw vegetables, spicy spices, fresh bread and coffee.

When you decide to perform this diet, pay attention to the following

  • Food should be highly caloric, but easily digestible. It is recommended that food should be boiled on steam or barren.
  • Food must not contain irritating ingredients.
  • The diet should mostly consist of protein products of animal origin.

Useful products in the diet for regulating colitis are

  • Chicken, lamb.
  • Pears, apples, plums.
  • All vegetables that do not contain seeds. If the vegetables cooked, boiled, etc.
  • Egg, softly boiled, not more than once a week.
  • Fruit desserts without seeds and spices.
  • Oils: olive oil, butter, not more than 2 oz per meal.
  • Old bread.
  • A little sugar – up to 1 oz per day.

Before breakfast, it is useful to drink a glass of boiled water at room temperature, and coffee should be avoided.

Colitis Diet

Products that diet for chronic colitis prohibit are:

  • Fatty meat and fish.
  • Mustard, hot ketchup, horseradish and pepper.
  • Canned fish.
  • Cold drinks, coffee and tea with milk, carbonated drinks.
  • Ice cream and chocolate.
  • Vegetables, fruits and berries in their natural form.
  • Cereals: wheat, barley.

One of the reasons for the emergence of chronic colitis may be monotonous nutrition for a longer period of time, as well as a mono diet. The diet for colitis therefore involves the variety, patience and avoidance of all the ingredients that you have seen to irritate your digestion.