Melt excess pounds with the help of acupuncture

Acupuncture can cause weight loss because it stimulates the hormone that suppresses appetite, a new study suggests.

An ancient Chinese method can help people lose up to 17 pounds in just two months. The study found that 16 acupuncture sessions are quite sufficient to lose weight without drastic changes in the diet or exercise routine.

The researchers argue that ancient practice of needling the needles in the body stimulates the production of the hormone serotonin, which plays a major role in appetite and controls the mood. It also breaks down fat.

The research involved 72 people who were in the category of obesity. They were divided into two groups – a control group and a group in which eight weeks was subjected to acupuncture. Therapeutists focused on abdominal, lower limb and ear points. These points can restore and harmonize the flow of energy in the intestines, as well as transform the body fluid and expel the mucus.

The group that underwent treatment lost an average of 6 pounds, while one person lost 17 pounds.

This study provides preliminary evidence of the effectiveness and reliability of acupuncture in weight control. It offers a research basis for future clinical research in the direction of using acupuncture in reducing obesity, said Zong Lidan, assistant professor at the University of Hong Kong.