Everything started when Ansel Keys published a famous study from the University of Minnesota in the 1950s telling that fat is directly linked with heart disease.

The problem with this study is that instead of explaining the difference between good and bad types of fats better, all fats were demonized and avoided. This meant expelling fat from the diet that we now know that it was really good for the body and occupy a central place in any healthy diet rich in nutrients.

As a result, the food industry exploded with products without or with very low fat that are extremely processed and mainly based on white flour which is not really the healthiest for the body.

Despite modern scientific achievements, most are not yet quite sure how to deal with fat. Here’s on what you need to pay attention:

Fats to be targeted:

Unsaturated mono and poly (especially those containing omega-3) found in vegetable oils, avocados, fish and walnuts.

Fat to be limited:

Saturated fat from meat and dairy products, as well as artificial fatty acids that are hiding in some oils, fast-foods or any fried foods.

Fat to pay attention:

Coconut and palm fat contain high concentrations of saturated fats, and are used in many processed foods, which contain a lot of sugar, salt and refined carbohydrates, making it significantly caloric. Therefore, if you are buying this type of food, look at the composition if it contains these fats and, if possible, avoid it.