All children who have flat feet, have a bad posture, and “strange”, unusual walking that is noticeable to the naked eye.

Main reasons for this state that later leads deformations are:

The first reason is:

  • Hereditary factor,
  • then physical inactivity,
  • obesity,
  • wearing unsuitable footwear.

Symptoms and recognition signs:

  • Difficult walking on your child,
  • difficult standing,
  • pain in the legs.


Exercises for flat feet

(Remember: Each exercise is performed in 10 repetitions)


Exercise no.1

From the sitting position with outstretched elbows and strained feet, the fingers of both legs are bent (as shown in the photograph) (Repeat the exercise 10 times).




Exercise no.2

With bent fingers on one leg, we push the knee to the other leg, and then we return to the starting state. (Repeat the exercise 10 times).






Exercise no.3

From the starting position with the tight foot we bend and extend our fingers.         ( Repeat the exercise 10 times).






Exercise no.4

From the starting position, we bend and lift the fingers to both legs. (Repeat the exercise 10 times).






Exercise no.5

Walking on toe with bent fingers. (Repeat the exercise 10 times).





Constant practice of this exercises will significantly improve your child flag fits including child posture.