Cantarion or Lady’s grass in its medicinal properties has long been known and recognized. This healing plant is a guest in our homes and is use to eliminate many illnesses. In the first place it is used for the treatment of wounds, cramps in the stomach, kidney, spleen, liver, bladder, lung mucous membranes, and works well on blood. It is a perennial plant and grows at a height of about one meter and its flowers are brightly yellow. It likes dry land and plenty of sunshine, and often grows on meadows and untreated fields, as well as dry hills. The most favorable harvest time is May and June. Medicinal parts of the plant are leaves and flowers.

Since ancient times, Cantarion has been used as an effective medicinal plant and proven natural remedy for recovery wounds and against burns, cuts, hemorrhoids. It has been shown to be excellent against pain in the stomach, liver, diarrhea and intestinal parasites. Successfully suppress uncontrolled urination. In combination with other medicinal plants, it is excellent for the treatment of colds, long lasting cough, and asthma. This plant has a pronounced antibacterial effect and is a natural antiseptic.

Cantarion is used to treat moderate forms of depression. In the end, it’s no wonder the traditional medicine says it’s a plant for all the diseases.


Cantarion oil

Except that the oil from the kantarion is used in the kitchen as a food preparation, It is also used for, massages, relaxation and as a painkiller in the stomach. Women use it for treating a wound on the cervix, and is the best for it. It will especially make a dry, sensitive and cracked skin look good. It is also good as protection against sun, radiation, acne, burns, spasms, muscle injuries, hematoma and all rheumatic diseases. Against the pain in the stomach, it takes three times a day, half an hour before meals, with little fluid, drink 30 drops of oil.

For external use, in the case of light disease, grease the diseased place with oil from cantarion and apply a wipes or gauze and hold it.   

Tea from Cantarion

     Tea from the cantarion should be taken several times a day for the treatment of inflammation and pain in the internal organs. It is prepared so that one small spoon leaves and flowers of the plant overflows with boiling water. After 10 minutes the tea is ready for consuming.