Author: dr. Jordan Pachkov

Different types of honey treats different types of diseases

     Honey  is a sugary food substance produced and stored by honey bees. It is produced from the sugary secretions of plants, such as floral nectar or aphid honeydew, through regurgitation, enzymatic activity, and water evaporation. The variety of honey produced by honey bees (the genus Apis) is the most well-known, due to its worldwide commercial production and human consumption. The healing properties depend on its origin or from which kind of nectar  is collected. For example: – Acacia honey has calming effect. – Chestnut honey expands peripheral blood vessels. – Lime honey has antiseptic and  calming effect;it is used for bronchitis and colds as a agent that helps expectoration. – carnations honey...

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Goodbye to your wrinkles (recipes)

Every woman devotes particular attention to her appearance, еspecially when we talk about her skin. Do you want to stay forever young? If your answer is yes, then read these face masks recipes which the basic ingredient is honey and they will help you to look like a teenage girl even if you are already +45. All you need is honey and a few ingredients that are available in almost every household.                                                      ...

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Recipe for natural facial night cream that caused millions of women around the world to abandon chemistry

Rejoice with the chemical products for your face and greet the natural cream you can make yourself. We offer you recipe for face cream on a natural base, from which your skin will be gentle and healthy. Follow our guidelines and say “goodbye forever” to the expensive cosmetic products.  Night face cream The following ingredients are required to make this honey cream -20g White wax -20g Cetaceum -20g cocoa butter -10g almond or sunflower oil -40 g white Vaseline – 35g Distilled water (All the ingredients can be purchased at the pharmacy)   All ingredients, except distilled water, are...

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