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Recipe of the Russian scientist, Professor Christ Mermerski, many pose as a revolutionary drug, that supposedly cured thousands of people from cancer. “It is a food for the treatment of a complete organism, and cancer in such an organism is retreats itself,” said in his lectures professor Mermerski. The secret in this is that this mixture cleanses the blood vessels, heals the heart, restores immunity, and cleanses the liver and kidneys. Thus improves brain function and memory, keep you from heart disease and leads to treat those who have experienced a heart attack or stroke. Many people say that...

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Physical medicine and rehabilitation (Introduction)

There is no single medical branch, where physical medicine is not an integral part of the team’s treatment. Physical therapy is application of various forms of physical energy (light, heat, electrical, magnetic and mechanical energy, as well as ultra-sound and laser). They prevent, cure and functionally improve the sick and injured persons (medical rehabilitation). So, Physical Therapy is one of the oldest treatment methods in the history of medicine. Ancient Egyptians, Assyrians, Greeks and Romans have used solar light energy as a means for the treatment of certain diseases and disorders. There are even preserved electro-therapy records, application of...

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How to cure Bile gallstones!

How to treat bile gallstones Recipe: Wash the bark from the watermelon well; After drying, with knife peel out the outer green bark; Let it dry; and after that grind the dry bark; Usage: ­­­­­ Use 1 teaspoon of grind bark, in the morning, on an empty stomach, with a glass of warm water in which you previously dissolved a teaspoon of honey. This beverage prevents the creation of gallstones, and if already there, they are crushed and converted into sand. Further, they are eliminated naturally from the body. Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click...

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Wild thyme treats all women’s diseases

Wild thyme is a plant that treats all women’s diseases. It stimulates the secretion of urine and menstruation, speeds up spontaneous abortion and normal delivery. It helps with cramps in the stomach and uterus and in menstrual pains. Wild thyme is a strong antiseptic that affects the internal organs, respiratory organs, and urogenital organs. The plant gives strength that stimulates psychic and physical functions and acts in diseases such as: Various neuroses (baths from wild thyme are strengthening nerves and muscles). Against alcoholism and depression -It is especially recommended in the treatment of alcoholism, because after taking tea it...

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Vitamin bomb that make your hair smoothly and lush

Ingredients required: Nettle shampoo 100 ml. Aqueous solution of Pantenol (100 ml – one bottle), Nettle caps (30 ml.) AD drops, 30 ml. Aqueous solution (one bottle) Castor oil (50 ml.), Two ampoules of vitamin B Preparation of the shampoo: In 750 ml. Shampoo from nettle, put a whole bottle of Pantenol 100 ml, then a whole bottle of nettle drops (30 ml.), A whole bottle of AD drops and castor oil. This is a real vitamin bomb for your skin on the head and hair. Why?   Because:   Nettle accelerates the peripheral circulation of the skin on...

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