Author: dr. Jordan Pachkov

Cumin cures everything except death

Cumin is a self-sufficiency plant, although in recent times it grows more in gardens and in the fields. First of all, it belongs to the spice plants however it has multiply healing properties, especially black (Nigella sativa). Naturally grows in eastern and warm countries, especially in Egypt, Syria, and India. There are records in which it can be clearly seen that it is very often used in old Egyptian medicine. Egyptian pharaohs used it as a spice for meals and for the treatment of many diseases, inflammation, allergies, metabolic disorders, urinary tract, and depression. It is interesting to note that...

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Basil king of plants

Basil (the Latin name Octimum sanctum), in many countries of the world valued as a truly holy plant. It is often present in many religious rituals, except that it is crowned with a wonderful scent is also characterized by many medicinal properties. The fact that the basil rightfully bears the name and “king of plants”. It is also the fact that the Hindus worship him as plants with huge holy and healing powers. They use it exclusively for the treatment of diseases and in the sense of respect they do not use it in regular nutrition. Only ordinary Ocimum...

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The most common sports injuries

The most common sports injuries –          Damage / dislocation of the lining of the wrist (Lucatio art Glenochomeris) –          Injuries of ligaments on the knee in the sport –          Morbus Osgood Slater: persistent, but relatively mild pain in the knee –          Swelling of the ankle joint –          Lumbar discus hernia –          Back pain with muscle origin: myofascial syndrome     Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Google+ (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new...

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Say goodbye to Viagra

Say goodbye to the Viagra This medicine since long ago has been transmitted from generation to generation in order to help all males especially those one in “third age”. Have you heard about the healing properties of raisins? This is especially good for potency in men because it successfully regenerates sexual energy. What do you need? You need to have following groceries: 30 grams of dried black grapes 20 milliliters of milk Preparation of drink: First wash  the black grapes and then mix it with the milk. How is it used? When cooled to room temperature, drink it 3...

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Apitherapy (introduction)

Introduction in Apitherapy Apitherapy is use of honey products as a remedies. The term “apitherapy” is composed of two words: apis-bee and therapy. Apitherapy is not just traditional medicine, but processing products from bee products are recognized as ancillary medicinal products and food.      In the United Kingdom, United States and Russia, there are clinics and laboratories for apitherapy, dealing with the study of the impact of bee products in treating various difficulties in living organisms and humans. Honey is the main product of bees that has always been a nutrient rich in vitamins and other useful supplements....

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