Author: dr. Jordan Pachkov

How to reduce your headache with acupressure

The pressure at certain points can be performed with the thumb and left or right elbow (depending on whether you are left-handed or right-handed) or with the help of other objects (which is less advisable). The pressure of the aku-point is performed as follows: The point is continuously stimulated by pressure which gradually strengthens followed by a 5-minute break (repeat this several times). Occasionally pressing the point (20 sec. followed by a pause of 10 seconds) for 5 min. After a pause of 10 minutes, the procedure can be repeated. Pressing of the aku-point, do it with the thumb...

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Massive Arms Home Workout (video)

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The cabbage diet

The cabbage diet belongs to a quick diet. You can lose 10 – 22 pounds in 7 days if you strictly adhere to the plan of a cabbage diet and eat cabbage soup on a daily basis. The cabbage diet has been in existence for decades. Various variations of the weight loss program, as well as the soup recipe, appeared, but the basics are the same – the diet lasts for a week, and during this time you can eat cabbage soup as much as you like. This soup has negligible calories so it will not affect your weight....

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Perfect remedy against asthma – Acacia honey

Although there are around 300 species in the world, acacia honey is by far the healthiest and most delicious. Acacia honey is recommended primarily for children who have respiratory problems or asthma. It is also widely used when there are abdominal problems in the form of cramps or diarrhea. Adults use it to treat insomnia and the harmful effects of stress on the body. Comprehensively, it protects the body from bacteria, infections and viruses. If you like to raise the immunity in a natural way or resolve a persistent cough, find out below how to achieve this with the...

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