Author: dr. Jordan Pachkov

Amazing Health Benefits of Eating Dates!!!

Here is why you should eat at least seven dates a day – weighing about 70 grams, so by eating them automatically you receive 70 mg of calcium that is good for bones, joints and nerves, 35 mg phosphorus that is food for the brain and 7 mg iron that strengthens the body in general, and especially the heart. They are also suitable for weight reduction because they contain 0.25 g of fat. This food regulates and stimulates the activity of the intestine through the 10 g of dietary fiber it contains. This amount is sufficient to release the...

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Help your Hair Grow Smooth and Lush with this Vitamin BOMB!!!

Ingredients required : Nettle shampoo 100 ml. a water solution of Panthenol (100 ml – one bottle), Nettle drops (30 ml.) AD drops, 30 ml. water solution (one bottle) Castor oil (50 ml.), Two ampoules of vitamin B Preparation of the shampoo: In 750-ml. Nettle shampoo put a whole bottle of Panthenol 100 ml, then a whole bottle of nettle drops (30 ml.), a whole bottle of AD drops and castor oil. This is a real vitamin bomb for your scalp and hair. Why? Because: Nettle accelerates the peripheral circulation of the skin on the head, which accelerates metabolic...

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Baldness as a complex of personality

Physiologically, every day from the hair drops 50-80 strands that replace with new ones. The condition in which hair falls more strands than they create is called effluvium. If this process does not stop, then baldness – medically known as alopecia – occurs. Alopecia characterizes by hair loss and may be temporary or permanent.   The most common hair diseases, where the main symptom is the scarcity and lack of hair are:   SYMPTOMATIC EFFLUVIUM It is a transient hair loss that occurs as a result of damage to the hair follicle from internal or external factors. The most...

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UNBELIEVABLE!!! It is not a trick – cures diseases faster than you can imagine

This natural remedy we recommend has many positive effects on health, and its uses are limitless. Be patient and follow us to the end, you will not regret it because you have never known these things before.   Many doctors successfully treated many diseases with castor oil and baking soda. Allergies disappear if you drink only 5 drops of castor oil every morning. Wounds, cuts, and bruises quickly heal when they are coated with castor oil. Massage of the stomach with castor oil, the last two months of pregnancy, stops the appearance of stretch marks on the stomach. The...

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