Author: dr. Jordan Pachkov


Nowadays, almost every magazine shows us ideal pictures of people with beautiful, white, and aligned teeth. But, actually, the reality is a bit different. Although Photoshop has a great hand in it, there are many methods which can help to whiten your teeth. Some of them include whitening products, and even though they are considered as effective they can cause a number of side effects due to their chemical content and corrosive peroxide. The good news is that there is a natural, painless, and effective method which can help you to whiten your teeth. All you need are two...

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These days many women dream about perfect, tight vaginas. While some of you may in fact have that tight vag, the other feel that it has become a little looser. The reasons are various and for sure not to be judged, since no one can judge a woman for giving birth or suffering from a medical condition. Despite the reason every woman has the right to enjoy sex. And when you feel that your vagina is looser than you would like it to be, sex brings less pleasure, plus you are a step away from refusing from it at...

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How to manage an overweight or obese child

It can be tough managing an overweight child – especially when other children in the family do not have the same problem. Here are some simple strategies for parents to deal with obese or overweight children.   Firstly, never diet a child.   Rapid weight loss will result in failure to grow and is associated with potential vitamin and mineral deficiencies. A child’s diet can be reduced in energy by between 20-25% by simply limiting access to high-fat and high-sugar foods and reducing portion sizes of high-energy foods. This kind of reduction in energy intake is likely to be...

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Six everyday foods to increase immunity

As we head into winter, it’s a good time to boost immunity to avoid nasty colds and the flu. Nutritionist Claire Turnbull gives us the low-down on six immune-boosting foods.   Lemons and other citrus fruit   Citrus fruit – including lemons, oranges and grapefruit – are rich in vitamin C which boosts your immune system. The juice of a lemon contains around 30mg vitamin C, and the peel (or zest) has another 10-20mg. Why? Ensuring your diet has plenty of healthy foods rich in vitamin C can help reduce the length and severity of a cold if you...

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Dragon Fruit: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

Overview Dragon fruit is unique to the tropical regions and its popularity has increased significantly in recent years. This fruit is believed to originate from Central America and southern Mexico. It became popular in the global scale thanks to New World settlers. Nowadays, it appears in almost all corners of the world. In Southeast Asian countries, such as Thailand or Vietnam, dragon fruit is a familiar part of their diet. There is a wide range of names for this fruit. Some people use pitaya or pitahaya, while some others prefer “strawberry pear”. In spite of various types of dragon fruit, the most...

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