Author: dr. Jordan Pachkov

Dragon Fruit: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

Overview Dragon fruit is unique to the tropical regions and its popularity has increased significantly in recent years. This fruit is believed to originate from Central America and southern Mexico. It became popular in the global scale thanks to New World settlers. Nowadays, it appears in almost all corners of the world. In Southeast Asian countries, such as Thailand or Vietnam, dragon fruit is a familiar part of their diet. There is a wide range of names for this fruit. Some people use pitaya or pitahaya, while some others prefer “strawberry pear”. In spite of various types of dragon fruit, the most...

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Best Fat Burning Workouts

Key Benefits to Fat-Burning Workouts ~Raises Both Aerobic & Anaerobic Fitness Fat burning workouts, such as interval training, helps improve both aerobic and anaerobic fitness. During high-intensity efforts, the anaerobic system uses the energy stored in the muscles, called glycogen, for short bursts of activity. The anaerobic system works without oxygen creating lactic acid, which is known as that “burn” you feel during exercise. As lactic acid builds, the body creates an oxygen debt. When in the recovery phase, the heart and lungs work together to get the oxygen back by breaking down the lactic acid. The aerobic phase...

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Good vs. Bad Carbs: Make the Right Choices

Carbohydrates are a hot topic in the nutrition world. In one arena, we hear how wonderful carbohydrates are for exercise performance and metabolism, then the next day we hear about a recent study showcasing the potential damaging blood sugar effects of carbohydrate consumption. This constant back and forth leaves the general public dazed and confused on whether carbs are good or bad for our health. The truth is, like with most foods, there are good carbs vs. bad carbs. How is one ot tell the difference? It can be a bit confusing. With the rise in certain diets, such...

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Healthy Drinks You Should Add to Your Diet

We all know sugary and fizzy drinks can wreak havoc on our health, and they are found everywhere. From TV commercials promoting diet soda to the enticing menu presented to us at our favorite restaurant, artificially sweetened drinks lie everywhere. The good news is there are healthy drinks out there, even if healthy beverage options may seem limited. Thankfully, there are many more healthy drinks for you to choose from than you might think — so you won’t go astray from your health goals. These beverages can not only do your health great favors, but can spice up your...

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Herbal Healing Recipes

Natural planet products have been used throughout human history for various purposes. In fact, written records of the use of herbal medicine date back more than 5,000 years. Herbal medicines, or botanicals, are naturally occurring, plant-derived substances that are used to treat illnesses within local or regional healing practices. Today, herbalism is being noticed for focusing on overall wellness and prevention rather than treating a disease or ailment once it arises. Herbal medicine is more cost-effective than modern medicine, it’s easier to obtain and it has several health benefits that are comparable to modern pharmaceuticals. Some of the most...

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