Prim. Dr. Jordan Pachkov

Primarius Dr. Jordan Pachkov, specialist in physical medicine and acupuncturist was born in 1949 in Kumanovo, Macedonia Secondary education graduated in his native town, He graduated from the Medical Faculty in Skopje, On the Medical Faculty specializes Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and obtained title – Specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, In Belgrade,Serbia he graduated from the International School of Traditional Chinese Medicine – Section acupuncture and moxibustion at the European University Centre for Peace and Development under the auspices of the United Nations, Despite Skopje and Belgrade he resident and perfecting in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and in 1989 went on perfecting in Beijing, People’s Republic of China, on the International Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, He was President of the organizing committee of the 1st Congress of physiatrists of Macedonia with international participation in Ohrid in 2006, and chief editor of the proceedings issued on that occasion,

He is  author of papers and scripts for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation:

  • Magnetotherapy in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation;
  • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation;
  • Cryo and Thermotherapy;
  • Sono-therapy;
  • Acupuncture and Physical Therapy;
  • Magnetotherapy
  • Starting points for drawing up the plan and program for physical therapy;
  • Balneo-climatic Therapy;
  • Physiotherapist Dictionary;
  • Low-frequency Pulsating Magnetotherapy;
  • Ultrasound Therapy;
  • and schoolbook – “Fundamentals of the Chinese Body Acupuncture” – first schoolbook on Macedonian language for Traditional Chinese Medicine;

Primarius Dr. Jordan Pachkov, is a member of:

  • Doctors’ Chamber of Macedonia;
  • Macedonian Medical Association;
  • Society for Science and Arts Kumanovo, Macedonia;
  • In the former Yugoslavia – Serbian Medical Association;
  • Association of Physiatrists of Macedonia and

He is owner of numerous national and international certificates, diplomas and awards in medicine He owns a certificates of:

  • Europen center for peace and development (ECPD), University for Peace Established by the United Nations, Federal institute of Public Health-Belgrade, China Beijing International Acupuncture Training Centre by State Administration of Traditional Chinese medicine – People’s Republic of China;
  • Certificate of acupuncture office of Bosnia and Herzegovina – Sarajevo, Association of Traditional Medicine – “Beladona” from Sarajevo;
  • WFAS (World federation of Acupuncture and Moxibustion) at the World Health Organization;
  • Confirmation of ISKRA MEDICAL from Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • He is winner of diploma and honorable mention associations of doctors of Macedonia for the contribution and engagement in the work of the association;

He gained a degree of The Executive Directer of the Europen Centre for peace and Development, the director of the Federal Institute of Public Health, and the Director of the ECPD Internacional School for Training in Traditional Medicine and Acupuncture, He is owner of a  A- TEST which was presented by UEFA (Union des associations europeennes de football) for sports medicine, For outstanding results as a medical doctor, in 1994 he was named the outstanding employee of the Medical Center Kumanovo, Macedonia In 1994, he won the highest municipal recognition, “November award” of the City of Kumanovo,   From 2003 to 2007 he was President of the Association of Physiatrists of Republic of Macedonia, He was a member and vice president of the board of a public health institution –  Nephrology at the Clinical Centre in Skopje, Macedonia, He is member of the board of the Centre for Traditional Chinese Medicine in Shtip, Macedonia In April 2008 acquired the title Primarius, Primarius Dr. Jordan Pachkov long worked in the department of physical medicine at Kumanovo General Hospital as a specialist physiatrist and head of the working unit, Establish his own private practice for Physical Treatments and Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, where he works as a team leader.

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