Elegant, slim and slender waistline has always been one of the symbols of female beauty. However, in the old days, the desire for a slender waist gave ladies and young girls many troubles and torments, including that could lead to serious health problems. It is known that the beautiful sex at that time had to wear corsets.

The size of the circumference of the waist also depends on the amount of fat deposits, the volume of the muscles of the back and abdomen. In an effort to make the waist thinner, you should first remove excess fat deposits on the abdominal wall, and then strengthen the muscles of the back and abdomen. A great opportunity: fitness or aerobics – so you can burn extra calories.

Inflating the press during this period is unlikely to help, as with increasing loads, the abdominal muscles grow rapidly, and accordingly, the waist volume increases. It is better to swing the press when you get rid of excess fat on your stomach. Ideally, the muscles of the press should work simultaneously with the muscles of the back – so you can achieve the result faster. However, one should not hurry: it is better to perform exercises calmly and with concentration, and most importantly – regularly. Try to practice every day for a month, and then, when the training will become a habit, you can practice every other day. It is recommended to begin classes with a warm-up: so you can increase the mobility of the joints, warm up the muscles and tune in to an effective workout.

Warm-up can be anything: walking on the ground for cheerful dance music, dance moves or easy running.

At the end of the warm-up, perform several tilting of the trunk in different directions, so that you feel how the muscles stretch the opposite side of the slope. Make several circles with your hands, with full amplitude – first back, and then forward. Lower your head, then slowly lift and look up, so that you feel tension in the muscles of the neck and chin. Repeat 10 times.

Now let’s get down to 6 exercises that can help trim the waist



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