Here is why you should eat at least seven dates a day – weighing about 70 grams, so by eating them automatically you receive 70 mg of calcium that is good for bones, joints and nerves, 35 mg phosphorus that is food for the brain and 7 mg iron that strengthens the body in general, and especially the heart.

They are also suitable for weight reduction because they contain 0.25 g of fat. This food regulates and stimulates the activity of the intestine through the 10 g of dietary fiber it contains.

This amount is sufficient to release the body from the accumulated toxins in the cells; as well as heavy metals, the lead for example. Nowadays toxins residue is rising because of widespread pollution of water, air, and food.

In the past, dates were also called “the bread of the desert”, and then scientists have proven that this fruit has a great nutritional value. The dates contain 80 percent carbohydrates, along with proteins, minerals, vitamins, low fat, no cholesterol and are very healthy.

The leaves of dates palm trees have been tested to be suitable as bio-monitors for determining atmospheric pollution with heavy metals. Namely, in several different studies, the content of heavy metals in washed and unwashed leaves of the date tree from different places showed a different degree of contamination, which is used to determine the number of heavy metals in the atmosphere.

There are about 100 types of dates, and besides dry dates, fresh fruits can also be found in our markets more often. They are easily boiled, they reduce the feeling of hunger and are rich in vitamins A and B-6, folic acid, calcium, iron, copper, and magnesium.

Dates strengthen the body, reduce cholesterol in the blood, protect against parasites and bacteria. Oxidants from the dates are perfect for protecting against cardiovascular diseases and cancer. It is best to eat on an empty stomach when you get all of the best ingredients.


A cure for sexual weakness

The syrup of the dates also serves as a cure for a faint heart. As for the therapy of sexual exhaustion. When mixed with milk and honey, dates can serve as a tonic for treating sexual impotence for both sexes, and such a syrup strengthens the body and increases the level of energy. The elderly can also benefit from this syrup, as it improves the condition and releases the body from toxins accumulated in cells over the years.

Dates and pregnant women

Dates stimulate the uterus by regulating it and accelerate contractions for delivery. The uterus is a relatively large muscular organ and urgently requires an adequate supply of natural sugar during childbirth. Like laxatives, the dates are very important for pregnant women before delivery for purifying the colon and helps with the delivery. Nutritionists consider dates as the best food for pregnant women before childbirth and those who are breastfeeding. This is because the dates contain elements that help alleviate the depression of the mother and enriches the milk with all the elements necessary for the child to be healthy and resistant to diseases.

Modern Dietetic Institutes today recommend dates for nervous or hyperactive children, and for people with heart problems, according to certain entries. Modern science has also proven the effectiveness of the diseases in the prevention of respiratory diseases.

Food and medicine for children

Dates contain natural sugar that is easily absorbed and digested, so it is safe and suitable for the stomach and intestines of children. Juice from the dates is especially useful if mixed with milk and it becomes even more nutritious and refreshing drink for children and adults. A mixture of dates and honey is used in treating diarrhea and dysentery in children but should be taken three times a day. This mixture also strengthens the gums during tooth growth.

There is a story that they used to rub the gums of a newborn with a well-chewed date. Science has confirmed that giving sugar dissolved in water to a newborn provides them the necessary nutrition and improves their immunity. Since the sugar in the dates is most easily absorbed and digested, it is considered to be most suitable for newborns.

Dry dates for insomnia

Dry dates are ideal for nutrition for those engaged in intellectual work because they encourage mental activity and concentration. In case you suffer from insomnia, eat five dates and fall asleep as a baby. The fruits are rich in vitamin B5, with magnesium, calcium and other minerals. You can combine them with muesli and make delicious cakes.

Effective treatment for hard stool (constipation)

Dates can help with problems with digestion and intestines and at the same time can make their function more efficient. They are also used for constipation. They should be immersed in water overnight and consumed the next morning after it becomes a nice syrup is made.

Ideal food for those on a diet

Reducing the sense of hunger and consequently reducing the amount of food consumed is a feature of the date, it is also the best weapon to eject toxins from the body, then eating dates (toxin-restive) is the most effective treatment for weakness and exhaustion as a result of accumulation of toxic chemicals and heavy metals in the body’s cells.

The wide variety of nutritional elements in the dates is what will satisfy your hunger! When we know that the reason for obesity is the constant feeling of hunger and appetite for food that makes people eat more quantities of fat and sugar. Thus, the treatment using a few dates when you are feeling hungry helps to reduce hunger and you feel full. The foods will provide the body with the necessary sugar and will stimulate the intestine that reduces hunger and food consumption.

A medicine against inflammation

Dates are medicines for the liver and release it from toxins. Also, drinking dates juice is used to treat dry throat, various types of fever, rhinorrhea (a nasal discharge), and a common cold.

Anti-poisoning medicine

Dates are a great medicine for alcohol overdose. In such cases, drinking water in which fresh dates are shredded or soaked brings a quick relief.

Dates through numbers

Having high medical and nutritional value, dates are the best food for the future. Dates contain 88% carbohydrates (starch), (2,5-5%) fat, (2,3-5,6%) protein and (6,4-11,5%) vitamins and dietary fiber. The inner deck contains (0.2-5%) oil, while the seeds contain 7.7-9.7% oil.

The dates contain vitamins A, B1, and B2, and contain fluorine that combats tooth decay. Other minerals occur in various amounts such as boron, calcium, cobalt, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphate, phosphorus, sodium and zinc. The seeds contain aluminum, cadmium, chlorides, lead and sulfur in different proportions. Selenium, an element that is believed to be used in cancer prevention and is important in immunological functions, is also found in the dates.