Ingredients required :

  • Nettle shampoo
  • 100 ml. a water solution of Panthenol (100 ml – one bottle),
  • Nettle drops (30 ml.)
  • AD drops, 30 ml. water solution (one bottle)
  • Castor oil (50 ml.),
  • Two ampoules of vitamin B

Preparation of the shampoo:

In 750-ml. Nettle shampoo put a whole bottle of Panthenol 100 ml, then a whole bottle of nettle drops (30 ml.), a whole bottle of AD drops and castor oil.

This is a real vitamin bomb for your scalp and hair. Why?


Nettle accelerates the peripheral circulation of the skin on the head, which accelerates metabolic processes in the epidermis.
Panthenol-Pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) protects and preserves the proper functions of the skin on the head and stimulates its regenerative processes.  Castor oil enhances the strand of the hair.  Vitamin E is a significant antioxidant and inhibits the action of free radicals and their harmful effects on the skin and the root of the hair. Also, this oil prevents dandruff.  AD drops: Vitamin A acts on various physiological functions in the human body and regenerates the hair. Vitamins from B complex nourish the hair and restore the strength of the strands.