The body constantly sends us signals when something is wrong and does not function at its best, but rarely, we know how to recognize them. The tongue is no exception. According to its color and texture, you can easily locate whether you are perfectly healthy or should pay more attention.

Take out your tongue in front of a mirror and discover which of the following nine symptoms you have:

  • Strawberry pink tongue

This is an indicator that you do not have enough vitamins. In particular, it seems you lack vitamin B12.

In some cases, the pink tongue can be a consequence of the exaggeration of hot spicy foods and the lack of fluids.

  • Brown tongue

It looks exactly as it sounds – horribly, and most often is a consequence of insufficient oral hygiene, often smoking cigarettes and frequent consumption of coffee or black tea.

Pay more attention to hygiene.

  • White tongue

Often the white coating of the tongue is closely related to the candidate in the body.

Consultation with a doctor is recommended.


  • “Wrinkles” on the tongue

Typically, these cracks or wrinkles occur as result of poor oral hygiene or infection.

This may be a sign that dental health is at a low level too.


  • Small white dots through the tongue

If they do not disappear in a few weeks, it is mandatory to visit a doctor.

  • Red dots and blisters

This is a serious sign of serious illness, so it is necessary to consult your doctor instantly.

  • Burning sensation in the middle of the tongue

Often occurs as a result of a hormonal imbalance, especially in women after menopause.

You must solve this problem with a doctor. It may also be a reaction to improper toothpaste.

  • Small Bumps

This is neither unusual not dangerous.

If you do not feel pain, then you will not have anything to worry about – it is just a different anatomy.

  • Painful ulcers

Sign of stomatitis – a disease that affects 20% of adults due to a decline in immunity and stress.

It should disappear after 2 weeks, but it is not a bad idea to consult a doctor.