You may consider yourself an expert in oral hygiene and pay great attention to your teeth, but be honest and answer the following question – Do you brush your tongue? If not, your oral hygiene is not at an enviable level. You should not miss this habit. Whether you use your toothbrush or its rear rubber part, a scraper for your tongue or even a metal spoon, the “scraping” of the tongue will do wonders for your organism.

We will list five useful benefits if you apply this short morning and evening ritual. Follow us:


  1. Relieves you from bad breath and bacteria

The main reason you need to brush your tongue is to get rid of bacteria that cause bad breath. According to a dentistry survey, most of the bacteria in your mouth live in the tongue, and if you ignore bacteria in the tongue, they will multiply.

If you do not pay attention and skip the tongue scraping process, the bacteria will transfer from the tongue of your teeth and so the brushing of your teeth will be in vain. Scrape your tongue well and you will not have to use as many candy and chewing gum to refresh your breath.

  1. Prevents tooth decay

As we mentioned, the transmission of bacteria from the tongue of the teeth can spoil the teeth. This can ultimately lead to tooth decay and gingivitis.

  1. Keeps away the stomach diseases

If you struggle with digestion every day, scraping your tongue can be the solution you are looking for. The same goes for the so-called. “Upset stomachs” or stomach ulcers. Bacteria travels from the mouth, through the throat, to the stomach. This can cause an unpleasant acid in some parts of the day. To get rid of the appearance of such acid, scrape your teeth and tongue before you eat early in the morning. When eating and drinking through food and drinks, you transfer the bacteria to the stomach.

4. Stimulates the internal organs

The tongue reflects everything that happens with your internal organs. Certain points of the tongue can link to specific organs in the body.By looking at the tongue daily and by observing whether there are differences or inflammations on certain parts you can discover what is happening in your body.Brushing your tongue daily can stimulate your organs, or give results similar to acupuncture.

5. Helps immunity

As the bacteria destroys the harmful flora, brushing the tongue also eliminates other bacteria that carry viruses and diseases. When you start feeling scratching on the back of your throat, brush your tongue and rinse your throat. Your immune system will be grateful that you have prevented the disease from completely attacking. Oral hygiene will give you a big smile and a fresh breath, but also a healthier body.