Summer is the period when you mostly expose your legs through short dresses, short pants and of course on the beach. To have beautiful legs, you have to make some effort and perform day-to-day exercises that will be of great benefit to you and have legs without cellulite.

So we found 9 perfect exercises from which you can choose one or combine them.

The good thing about these exercises is that you can workout at home, and you can even boost them with running or long walks.

  1. Punching bag

If you have an empty room that would be ideal to place a punching bag in your home, this is a great exercise for solid legs, hips, and butt.

Kick the punching bag alternately with both of your legs for 45 minutes.

  • The most important thing for this exercise is to start it with low kicks and to work your way up to high kicks with time.


  1. Step forward, step back

Take a step forward with one leg with a bent knee, and touch the floor with your knee on the other leg.

It is important for this exercise to have a balance and keep your back in upright position.

  • Repeat the same procedure with your other leg and practice several times alternately.
  1. Squat

If you want tight buttocks and legs, you must perform this exercise.

Keep your hands straight in front of you in the width of the hips, and your feet slightly spread.

  • Make several sets of 10 to 15 reps and remember that as with any exercise your back must be straight.
  1. Side-lying leg lift

To perform this exercise you need to lie down on the right side and relying on your hand.

Let your legs stretched out (in this case left above the right). Lift your left leg and lower it again above your right.

  • Repeat the exercise ten times, then change the position and do the same exercise with your right leg.
  1. Stretching

Lie on your stomach, then, lift your body from the floor by holding into your hands and knees only.

Spread your right leg and lift it up, and at the same time lift your head forward. Repeat the same with your left leg alternately.

  • During this exercise, proper breathing is important, take air when you lift your leg and exhale when you lower your leg.
  1. Tossing the legs

Lie on your back, then straighten your upper body and lift your feet by making a 60 degrees angle.

Keep your hands upright and touch your fingers on your feet by tossing your feet again on the surface.

  • Repeat the exercise ten times and you will tighten your legs and your stomach.
  1. Stretching the pelvis

Lie on your back, then, lift the lower part of your back and the buttocks upward holding your balance with your arms and legs.

Keep your hands beside your body and try to stretch your body as much as possible.

  • With this exercise you tighten your stomach, buttocks, and thighs, so make more sets of it.
  1. Scissors

An ideal exercise for tightening your legs and buttocks.

Lie on your back, and lift your feet in the air just like when you make a “candle” pose.

  • Move your legs up at a time to make a scissors-like movement.
  1. Leap forward-back

This is a dynamic exercise, and to do it, you need to lie on your stomach and then lift your body by standing with your fingers on your legs and hands.

Make a step with one leg forward, and then immediately bring it back to its place.


  • Repeat the exercise several times.