Canadian diet is for those who want to lose weight quickly. During one week you can lose 8 – 11 lb if you follow these rules.

The urban legend says that the “inventors” of this diet were Canadian immigrants who were fed this way and thus maintained their body weight in the harsh conditions of the north. So the Canadian diet is based on vegetable soups that calm the hunger and help to extract excess fluid and fat deposits.

Canadian Diet – Rules

The main requirement of this diet is – the ban on consuming any food after 18.00h (or better at 17.00h) in the evening. This diet also follows physical activity. Again legend says: Ancient Canadians have not rested. Take a look at them and practice regularly. This will help to make the effect of this diet even better. While on this diet you need to drink about 2 liters of water a day to throw out toxins. You can drink unsweetened and fresh, squeezed juices from fruits and vegetables.

During this diet, it is recommended to take vitamins and minerals. To add fat to your body, it is recommended to add one tablespoon of olive oil to the soup of vegetables – once a day. The most common way of preparing food in this diet is cooking. The most commonly used vegetables are cabbage, carrots, onions, tomatoes, leeks, peppers and beans. Make a vegetable soup. So, unlike the cabbage diet where there is a clear recipe for soup – here is freedom: use the vegetables you want (of course, vegetables do not include legumes and potatoes), place the quantity you want (according to your taste) and make a vegetable soup! The spice is allowed a moderate amount of salt, pepper, ale pepper and spice herbs.

Soup is eaten at least once a day, and you can eat all three meals. The amount is – how much you like, and in case of hunger – eat a plate of soup. In addition to vegetables, you can eat salads with olive oil but no starchy vegetables. Everything else during diet isn’t allowed.

These foods you can consume as much as it is enough for you. Don’t overeat, get up from the table while still feel a sense of lightness in the stomach.

During this diet you should avoid potatoes. According to the authors of this diet – the use of starch can slow down the weight loss process and reduce the effect of this diet. It is not desirable to consume corn and peas regularly. Use them occasionally in small quantities.

It is not allowed to eat food between meals, nor to make long breaks, or to have irregular meals. At least three meals are preferred, and there are no problems with 6 – three main and three snacks.

Canadian dietIn order to maintain the weight achieved and avoid kilograms returning without straining the stomach, after the diet it is necessary to gradually increase the caloric intake and slowly enter into the diet what was forbidden to you during the diet.