Mastitis or inflammation of the breast most often occurs during the first 6 months of breastfeeding. If there is a complication, serious health problems can occur. Read how to prevent it, but also treat it in a natural way.

Every woman can have mastitis, but in young mothers who experience this infection is more common. When mastitis occurs, many women feel tired and “overtaken” and decide to stop breast-feeding, although this is wrong. Breast-feeding helps the infection to pass faster and is not harmful to your baby.

Breast inflammation occurs when certain bacteria enter the breast through the nipple, usually when the wet nurse has a cracked or sick nipple. Mastitis can occur even if wet nurses don’t relieve their breasts by breastfeeding. Hygiene, cleaning of nipples before and after breastfeeding is also important.



It begins with pain in one breast, in one part, which is usually red and warm to the touch. Mastitis is usually accompanied by fever, body aches, trembling. Of course, the lymph nodes in the armpit are enlarged beside the infected breast, and the heart beat is faster. You should not ignore these symptoms. It’s important to react as soon as you notice them. For 3-4 days, the condition can be seriously worsened. Try the natural remedies that will be listed below and contact your doctor.




Your doctor will most likely prescribe antibiotics and you must drink them exactly as much as you are prescribed, no matter if you feel better.

Rest as much as you need, drink more fluids, and place warm and cold coats on your chest. Before breastfeeding put warm wet gauze over the diseased breast and leave for 15 minutes. Repeat 3 times a day. In this way you will improve milk flow and naturally accelerate recovery. And massage of the breast can be helpful. Just be gentle and persistent. Regardless of the pain, it would be best if you continue to breastfeed and pump excess milk. If you ignore the disease, there may be a breast abscess, the accumulation of pus in the breast, which is much more difficult to treat.

Natural remedies

On the breast put balm of fenugreek, seeds (God grass – Trigonella foenum graecum). The seed was milled and cooked with boiling water and wine vinegar. On a wet linseed cloth, 3 cm thick, put the cooked fenugreek seed and wine vinegar and place it to the cheats.