The blood pressure less than 100/60 mmHg measured repeatedly presents low blood pressure (hypotension). Permanently lowered blood pressure or primary hypotension has no specific cause, and secondary hypotension (occurs as a result of another disease). Secondary hypotension occurs as a result of: bleeding, infection, dehydration, heart attack, cardiac arrhythmias, burns, the use of medications for lowering blood pressure and diuretics.



Fatigues, pallor, lack of energy, dizziness, fainting, weakness, poor memory are symptoms of low blood pressure. These people feel uncomfortable in the morning, and they need stimulants in the form of coffee for awakening.

Low blood pressure without symptoms is not a threat to health. The body adapts to a certain blood pressure, so some people have a normal pressure of 90/50, and others who are usually have high blood pressure, when the pressure drops to 100/60 they feel dizziness, fainting, low energy – symptoms of low blood pressure. Standing from a lying or sitting position in the standing position can lead to dizziness (orthostatic hypotension). It is advisable to gradually rise from the lying position in order to adjust the pressure.

When there is not enough blood in the coronary arteries, may develop chest pain or even a heart attack. In the case that the kidneys are not sufficiently supplied with blood, toxins are not ejected from the body enough and can accumulate. In the worst cases, the development of shock can occur (a life-threatening condition when vital organs remain free of blood and do not perform their function).


It is necessary to increase the intake of fluids and salt, salt binds water in the body and increase the volume of circulating blood. Caffeine, red-bull and other stimulants affect the increasing of blood pressure, but at high doses it can cause rapid heartbeat. In the market there are no registered drugs for high blood pressure, and as an alternative, preparations based on ginseng and red-bull is consuming. Siberian ginseng is advised for young people and it is considered for milder variant of pressure. Korean or Chinese ginseng is stronger and recommended for the elderly people, with very exhausted body and a more reduced pressure.

Ginger stimulates circulation, it can be used as a spice in food. When person have anemia, symptoms are similar like low pressure (dizziness, pallor and weakness), use of tea from nettle and beetroot and blackberry juice, increased adoption of iron.


Low blood pressure is not a health problem if the symptoms of reduced pressure (lack of energy, dizziness) are not manifested. Due to the reduced flow of blood, the organs are not sufficiently supplied with oxygen and nutrients, so the consequences occur and, in the worst case, the shock occurs. Sufficient intake of liquids provides an adequate volume of circulating blood and prevents the low pressure. Since the presence of reduced blood pressure may indicate the existence of some other diseases, it is necessary to examine this with medical examination. People with low blood pressure have a lower risk of heart attack and heart and kidney disease. Athletes, recreationalists and people who are non-smokers, have ideal body weight and regularly deal with some form of physical activity, have lower blood pressure.