While body acupuncture uses pulse and tongue diagnostics, the auricular acupuncture diagnosis the body by observing the parts of the ear that have changed color, the parts that are sensitive, or have increased skin conductivity. With ear acupuncture, there is an accurate schedule of points based on the concept of a inverted fetus. The head is located at the bottom of the ear, the feet on the top, and the body between.

The father of auricular acupuncture is French doctor Paul Nogier. In the fifties of the last century, he unsuccessfully treated a man of sciatica, and then the patient stopped coming. When he met him on the street, he was surprised when he saw him to walk without a problem.

He discovered that he was cured by the burning of the ear shell, which performed so called folk doctor. Nogier studied the history of healing through the ear shell and found that the ancient Egyptians burned and cut their ears in order to cure them self’s. This method was supported by the father of our medicine Hippocrates. In the 18th century, severe toothache was eased by punctuation of the ear shell. Studying the shape of the ear, Nogier discovered that the ear looks like a womb with a child ready to go out facing the head down and according to where the body of the child was, he began to create the first map of the ear shell. Nogier soon published his map in France and Germany, and when she came to China, she encouraged the Chinese to create their own map, but inserting points related to the functions of certain organs.

Modern acupuncture

European auricular acupuncture developed on the basis of embryogenesis and the fact that the ear shell is inducing four large brain nerves (V, VII, IX, X). And since the so-called functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMR), it is possible to monitor the functioning of certain organs, precise experiments have been performed and the exact map of points on the associated centers of the brain has been established.

Ear acupuncture is used to treat a wide range of clinical disorders including headaches, chronic back pain, high blood pressure, allergies, stress conditions, smoking odor, insomnia, weight loss. It is also applied in the so-called treatment of the healthy, treatment in the spring and autumn that raises the immunity and reduces the possibility of diseases. Both physical and ear acupuncture can be used to relieve pain or various pathological conditions of the body using acupressure massage, acupressure, magnet, acupuncture needles, electro acupuncture and laser stimulation.

Ear treatment with acupuncture is performed in two ways: by pinning needles at certain points on the ear shell, leaving the needles for 30 minutes. Another way is to set up the so-called intradermal – permanent needles, which the patient constantly wears and can stimulate them on their own, and change every seven days. In contrast to body acupuncture, stinging needles into the ear shell can cause a feeling of pain, heat, weight, and the ear can become red and sensitive. But, it should be emphasized that this reaction is temporary.