After the problem has been identified, the first step in the therapy is to select an acupuncture canal, whether it is a local or systemic disease. Then it is determined how much treatment will be needed, and when the treatment needs to be repeated.

Treatments are performed with needles made of precious metal. The number of needles used and the depth of the penetration depend on the condition of the patient and the type of disorder. During one treatment, 6 to 12 needles are mostly used, although there may be less and even more than twenty. The needles are placed in a body of 2 millimeters to a few centimeters deep. Needles remain penetrated for a maximum of 15 to a maximum of 30 minutes. During treatment, patients must rest steady without having to move their arms and legs, as movement of the body can cause the needle position to change and neutralize its action, but also cause pain. At the beginning of the treatment, most patients have a feeling of warmth and weight of the body, which after a few minutes turns into a universal physical and mental relaxation. Although the procedure for most patients is absolutely painless, patients who are more sensitive still feel slight discomfort.


With classical acupuncture treatments, it is increasingly used and electro-acupuncture, electropuncture and in the last few years laser acupuncture. Electro-acupuncture represents deep electro stimulation through inserted needles. Electropuncture according to Dr. Voll is actually a method that is performed using a device called EAV Organometar, developed by Dr. Reinhard Voll. It is also used for therapy and diagnostics.

Laser acupuncture is based on the performance of laser light that is monochromatic, polarized and coherent. It is an aseptic, noninvasive and painless method that, if properly applied, has no adverse effects. Focused on the skin at a distance of 0-5 mm and depending on the strength of the laser, the point is stimulated for 5 to 30 sec.

During the treatment, patients state the feeling of warmth, tingling and flow through the body. Gradually they feel calm and relaxation, especially if using modern electrical or laser acupuncture. When it comes to alleviating and eliminating symptoms, some patients experience a significant improvement of the situation during the treatment, some immediately after treatment, while some experience improvement after few days. If after the first six treatments the patient doesn’t notice any changes to the better, it is recommended to pause for a few months and then repeat the treatment.



Acupuncture is an invasive method and as such carries certain risks. It is possible that hematomas occur as a consequence of a random penetration into the circulatory system. Injuries to the nerves are also occasionally occur, but very rarely. If the rules of disinfection and sterilization are ignored and the used needles are used, hepatitis may occur. Some critics argue that it is a placebo effect that heals the patients. Since acupuncture is also responding to animals, this criticism should be neglected.