When a child at birth has loose joints or weakly developed hips, this means that the joint capsules of the hips are shallow. This is not the consequence of the child’s position at birth, nor the way in which the delivery is completed by natural or caesarean section. In some families, this deformity is more common, especially in females, so in this case it is important immediately to do orthopedic examination.

The hips develop during pregnancy and any movement of the leg that the baby makes deeper the joint capsule of the hip. If these movements are in any way limited, in case the size of the baby or the position in which it is located or the umbilical cord that can be wrapped around the leg, may result in a deformity of the hip in a certain degree.

How does deformity treat?

In the first three months of life there is an intense development of the hips and therefore it is important to perform an orthopedic examination. In case there is a need for a certain treatment, it should certainly be implemented consistently. Depending on the degree of deformity doctor will recommend a special shorts, belts or will put plaster. When the hips are completely dislocated, the surgery is performed.

The exercises are an integral part of the treatment of deformity of the hip. Exercises are implemented with the use of certain supplies and continue to do so after the achieved correction in order to preserve the mobility of the hips and their strength.

As the hips form until the 18th month of life, it is good practice to exercise and before any diagnosis, as well as in children without any deformity diagnosis.

When to start with hips exercises?

Earlier, immediately after a diagnosis by a physician-orthopedist. If the exercises start on time and if they carry out every day, the correction of the deformity will be successful.

How often do you need to do the exercises?

Several times during the day, at least three times ten reps at each exercise. The most convenient moment to carry out the exercise is when baby change diapers, because the baby is free from diapers and can perform uneven movements in the hips, as well as after bathing when the baby is relaxed, which is a good precondition for a pleasant and successful exercise for the baby and for the parents.


Up to 18 months old, the joint capsule of the hip is formed, and until then, it is important to practice this exercises:

  1. We maximally bend the baby’s legs in the hips and knees.

  1. Make circular movements in the hips to the outside.

  1. Using a hand we fix one leg and with the other leg we make circular movements outwards.

  1. Spread the baby’s legs with stretched knees as much as possible.