Gout is a disease that today affects more and more people across the globe.

It is assumed that diet has a significant impact for both, development and on the treatment of many diseases, even this one. For this joint disorder, even official medicine states that one of the possible causes of its occurrence is irregular diet, and the treatment also includes changing eating habits.

The first symptoms of gout

It usually occurs after 40 years of age and is 20 times more common in the male population. While in women develops mainly after menopause.

He is one of several common types of arthritis and is the inflammation of the joints caused by the accumulation of urinary crystals in the connective tissue of the joint, tendon, cartilage, or to all the above mentioned places. An increase of uric acid in the blood occurs when the body increases its production, or when the kidneys don’t eliminate the required amount of the uric acid.

Gout occurs in its four phases:

The first phase is asymptomatic, which means that the gout symptoms are completely absent, and the patients themselves are not even aware of the existence of the disease.

The second phase is acute and is recognized by the appearance of redness, edema and sudden pain in the joint, which is hot and sensitive to the touch. Then the gout symptoms usually last from five to ten days.

The third phase is known as inter-critical and is characterized by intervals without symptoms, between two episodes of attack. In most people, the second attack occurs within a period of six months to two years after the first attack, while in some cases patients don’t feel any symptoms for as long as five to ten years.

The fourth and most difficult stage is chronic, and its characteristics are permanent joint pain, their stiffness, limited mobility and the appearance of purulent ulcers on the skin around the joint.

It is important to note that the therapy can be prescribed exclusively by a doctor, and that you don’t take any action with medication by yourself. If you are sure that the above-mentioned gout symptoms are present in you, you must first go to a specialist examination, and you must apply therapy only after diagnosis.

Nutrition at gout excludes foods rich in purines

One of the most important rules in nutrition in patients with gout diseases are to avoid foods rich in purines. Those foods are chicken, turkey, beef, veal, sausages, bacon, sheep, salmon, crab, lobster, brain, kidneys, ham, pork, tuna etc. These foods should not be eaten during acute attacks.

Instead of butter, fat and margarine, use cold pressed vegetable oils. Feel free to consume fresh fruits and vegetables. Except for cauliflower, spinach, peas and mushrooms, as they contain a certain amount of purine.

When it comes to cereals, give preference to integral, especially barley, rice, wheat.

Dried fruit and fruit juices also are allowed and recommended. Juice made from celery, carrots, cabbage is a great natural remedy for gout and rheumatism.

Gout diet recommends drinking plenty of fluids, around two-three liters, to facilitate the elimination of uric acid. Caution is advised only to heart and kidney patients, who may be recommended by a doctor for a limited intake of water.

Gout diet should be rich in foods that contain selenium; such as Brussels sprouts, Brazilian walnut, wheat germ, as well as precious omega-3 fatty acids.

Treatment of gout naturally

The coating of active carbon and flaxseed

Active coal grind into powder, the amount needed is about half a cup. Add a spoon of flaxseed and a little water to get a mixture of consistency paste. The obtained paste applied to the diseased joint, cover with nylon and tie it with a cotton cloth. Leave to work overnight. Alleviation of the pain will be felt in the morning.

Homemade butter and alcohol

Unsalted homemade butter melt it in a saucepan on the stove. Then carefully pour the alcohol and leave it to “burn”. Grease pour into a jar and keep it in the fridge. During the attack gout, grease should be applied to the affected joint.

Natural celery juice

Peel 500 grams of celery, squeeze the juice of it and add some lemon juice. Drink every day this traditional remedy and disease will soon retreat.

Tea from apples against painful joints

Cut 3-4 apples together with peel and cook it 10 minutes. Cover and leave to stand for four hours, and then the liquid in which they are cooked drink it as often as possible during the day. Apples can be cut and added to other herbal teas, while the liquid is drunk as tea.