For many people, this drink helped to strengthen the immunity after treatment of the most serious diseases.

What’s the secret of this miracle juice?

Medicinal green juice from sprouts and spelt leaves does not contain any chemical additives, preservatives, colors and sweeteners. The secret of this drink lays in medicinal substances from spelt – chlorophyll, which enriches blood with oxygen and prevents the spreading of cancerous cells. Thanks to the fact that he isolated these substances and discovered their effect on tumors, Dr. Otto Warburg, he received the Nobel Prize in 1931.


The magic spelt juice contains over 300 enzymes, including those rare, which exist in the human body after birth, but after a while, under the influence of stress, unhealthy nutrition and toxins from the environment, only a small number of them remain in the liver. However, by consuming this drink, these substances are re-created and strengthened the body. Spelt is rich in vitamin B17 that destroys cancer cells. It should be noted that this drink achieves real effect only if you drink fresh or frozen.

It is best to be frozen immediately after squeezing and every morning on an empty stomach to take one or more ice cubes disposed in a glass of water. The value of this drink is lost within an hour after it melts. If spelt juice is used, in less than a month, you will feel a lot better than before.

Dr. Wigmore discovery

The famous spelt juice was first made by English doctor Ann Wigmore, who had been cured of colon cancer more than half a century ago thanks to this drink. She has lived over 90 years and has written numerous books on healthy life, fighting cancer with fresh nutrition and, of course, about these amazing grains. Dr. Nemet Matyash emphasizes that spelt juice can be made by everyone and that there is no special secret there – all magic is in nature.

Melting cysts in ovarian and kidneys by this juice

Take young green leaves of spelt, grind and squeeze the juice. Freeze the juice in a form of cubes. You need to have 72 cubes, consume one cube every day at a time.

In the morning one cube place it in a glass of water, when it melts drink the whole glass. There are many vitamins, amino acids, minerals in this grain. Juice is good for other organs too.