The arthrosis of the knee is one of the most common joint diseases, which is caused by cartilage damage within the knees. It represents chronic degenerative changes in joint cartilage, which in most cases is a consequence of the natural process of aging or some disease.

Usually, arthrosis occurs after the forty years of age, and in addition to the knee, it involves both the feet, the spine, the hips, and so on.

Arthrosis symtoms of disease

When it comes to symptoms of arthrosis, there is a limited mobility followed by permanent pain in the knees and joints. Characteristic joint pains are the most intense in the morning and they increased under load and when the joints are moving, while at rest they are considerably diminished and almost disappearing.

Arthrosis knee causes chronic disorders, which have periods of rest or aggravation of the disease due to excessive physical strain, injuries, muscle wasting, weight gain, and cold. It is very important to immediately contact your doctor or an orthopedist after symptoms have been reported, in order to give the treatment as soon as possible, as it greatly eases and stops the disease at the very beginning.

Gonarthrosis of the knee is very specific when it comes to moving on uneven surfaces – such as stairs in buildings, etc. At the very beginning, the pain in the knee is very fierce, so that by the time we climb more and more, the pain slowly calm down. The problem arises if we move for a very long time, because then the intense pain returns back, so that should be taken into account. It often occurs and pain behind the knee, which is common after prolonged sitting, and its intensity increases if we carry some weight of some object.

In some cases, you can hear the creaking knees, and as his damage is greater, the pain is more present and during sleep. Arthrosis symptoms may be more pronounced during cold and damp weather.

What is the best prevention?

The following recommendations can be of great benefit to people suffering from arthrosis, and represent excellent prevention of this disease whether is gonarthrosis of the knee, arthrosis of the hip, shoulder, feet, etc.

Obligatory weight loss – every pound of excess, especially those on the stomach and thighs, loads the joints and causes pain and increases the risk of arthrosis.

Arthrosis knee exercise – swimming, cycling, walking, and other activities strengthen the knees and prevent degenerative changes. However, avoid tennis, football and jogging, because in these sports joints are subjected to high stresses.

Avoid coldness – always protect yourself from low temperatures and warmly dress in the winter months.

Less stress – stress affects the whole body, including the joints. Every day, spend a bit of time relaxing with music or what you like. In this way, not only the brain, but also the whole body will relax.

Take care of the correct posture – be careful how you bend down, lift the load or crossing obstacles.

Wear insole – When it comes to arthrosis of the knees, hips, shoulders, etc., one of the basic rules for pain reduction is wearing appropriate footwear, and advice is also given to wear custom-made insoles. Also, avoid high heels.

Arthrosis knee treatment

Against joint pains, depending on intensity, different medications are used that simultaneously act anti-inflammatory. In the case of severe damage, injections of corticosteroids 1+ are injected directly into the knee, while with physiotherapy the mobility of the affected joint improves. If none of this gets results, knee surgery is necessary. In a free sale, preparations may be found that are intended to restore cartilage of knees containing natural substances (glucosaminesulfate and chondroitinsulphate), and various vitamins and minerals. Also, knee arthrosis can be alleviated with and medicines based on medicinal herbs that are prepared very quickly and easily.

The treatment of arthrosis naturally

There are a number of natural remedies that successfully treat joint diseases like the knee arthrosis. Along with medications, they are by themselves not sufficient if the disease is advanced, but at the same time unavoidable as an additional therapy.

Wraps of comfrey

Fresh leaves of comfrey well grind, and then twist with plastic foil and secure with a woolen scarf. Let it work overnight. For the same purpose can be used and finely chopped fresh root of comfrey, wraps are applied until the pain stops.

Grease of comfrey for the treatment of arthrosis

Dissolve at a mild temperature of 250 g of unsalted pig fat or butter, and add a handful of small chopped root of comfrey and mix for half an hour. Remove from heat, cover it and let it stand overnight. Heat a little bit in the morning, just to dissolve, process and store in the fridge. Grease painful places at night before bedtime, wrap them with plastic foil and warm up with a scarf.

Arthrosis of the knee is treated with a combination of honey and vinegar

Mix equal parts of honey, flour, apple vinegar and alcohol. Mix until a uniform mass is obtained, and then apply it to a painful knee and wrap it with plastic foil, and tighten it with a cotton scarf. Let it work overnight. Repeat for 10 days. Apple vinegar and honey eliminate pain and improve mobility of the joint.

Clay and lemon as a cure for arthrosis

Peel two lemons, remove the seeds, and then grind them and add 4 tablespoons of clay and one egg white. Mix until a uniform mass of cream is obtained and then extracted on a gauze or cotton cloth and wrap the painful place. Over put a plastic foil and tightening it with a scarf, and let it work overnight.

Chestnut tincture

Fill a glass jar with a wild chestnut and spill it with a alcohol. Close the jar and let it to stand at room temperature for 3 weeks. Soak the cotton cloth, tie it to a painful knee, place a plastic foil and secure it with a scarf. Let it work during the night. Repeat for 3 weeks and knee arthrosis will significantly decrease.

Arthrosis knee experience

As you can see, there are many traditional recipes for the treatment of a painful joint, which is the main symptom of a disease like knee arthrosis. Be sure to share your comments and your experiences with as if you have them in the comments section below.

Take note that today there is everything on the market so that consultation with a doctor before using any medicine is very important. We recommend that you read the following related articles on this topic. Thank you !!!