Arthritis is an inflammatory disease that most commonly involves the joints, or is considered to be inflammation of the joints. The illness is more common as people go into years.

Arthritis, as inflammation of the joints, is often manifested through pain and difficulty in triggering various fingers, hands and feet, neck, knees, spinal pain, or at the same time in all the above mentioned places. Here we will introduce you to a natural remedy against this condition, which is rapidly spreading around the world for the sake of simplicity, easy accessibility and results that are achieved with it. Even the famous American doctor, Dr. Oz, presented this natural remedy in his medical show program.

And you can simply make this natural preparation.

You need one pound of dried raisins and gin (Gin – alcoholic drink). What is one of the secrets of the medicine is in fact Gin content. You need to get Dry Gin from any manufacturer made from spruce berries. You will easily check this on the label. It is important that Gin is not artificially made. It means exclusively naturally made Gin of spruce berry that means Dry Gin.

Take a large glass jar, fill it with raisins and pour the gin. Leave to stand for 10 days. After that, you start taking 10 raisins every morning or evening.

Procedure continue until you spend the entire amount. One pound of raisins is enough for a month of use. We are often asked by readers if they can substitute alcohol in recipes for vinegar? In this case that is not possible. Gin that is an alcoholic drink is made by the distillation of berry spruce and as such it has to be used for this remedy. It hides the secret of the recipe because the raisins soaked in gin contain large amounts of turpentine which in fact actively calms inflammation.

In addition, this combination contains very large amounts of antioxidants, B vitamins, minerals, iron, potassium and calcium. The quantity we have given as a ratio is not fixed, you can measure yourself according to the available amount of ingredients. But it is important that the raisins are covered with gin for 10 days.

The medicine should be used on a daily basis until you are cured.

If you have problems with your knees, back, fingers, elbows, or any other joint of your body that could be caused by inflammation, it’s worthwhile to try at least a month’s therapy with this natural remedy.