Bad cholesterol is extremely dangerous to health, especially the heart, and if you notice that you have crossed the border, look out for diet. Certain foods can restore it to normal limits in a natural way in fact you have nothing to lose if you try a slightly different diet.

LDL or ‘harmful’ cholesterol levels are determined at the doctor’s examinations. This type is dangerous due to the formation of deposits in the arteries, thus threatening heart disease and stroke. HDL or ‘good’ is type which cleans the arteries. A healthy cholesterol level is below 200 milligrams per deciliter of blood. LDL  should be below 100 mg, and the preferred HDL to be above 60 mg. If the test results are elevated, you must do something as soon as possible, and these foods can help you.

Red rice

You have not tried it before, and you have problems – it’s time to introduce red rice in your diet. With fish, for example, red rice is a great addition, and has long been known as a Chinese traditional remedy. You can also combine it with other cereals.

Some studies have shown that red rice reduces total levels after eight weeks of taking it. Red rice is obtained by fermentation with red mold and has 14 monacols, of which the most important is the one with the mark K for the struggle with bad cholesterol, since it contributes to keeping the normal level of cholesterol in the blood.



Artichoke is a Mediterranean plant. Like other green vegetables, it is rich in fiber, vitamins C and K, but it is among ten foods that have the highest antioxidant content. After cleaning, you should cook for up to 45 minutes with a little lemon juice. When you take cholesterol lowering drugs, they have statins, and the artichoke has a different effect,  it affects its degradation.

Oat for breakfast

Some studies have shown that the oat can lower bad cholesterol by 5.3 percent for six weeks, and the reason lies in the ingredient of betaglucan.  So put your oats cereal on the breakfast menu.


You also know that on your menu should be found at least once a week, because omega-3 is a natural miracle when it comes to health. Various studies have shown that they are excellent in the fight against heart disease, as well as bad cholesterol. According to some research, the replacement of saturated fat with fatty acids omega-3, which it has in salmon and sardines, can increase the level of good cholesterol as much as four percent.


With oats for breakfast and fish for lunch nuts are a great snack that will be a great ally in the fight against bad cholesterol. A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that subjects lowered it by 5.4 percent after consuming 40 grams of nuts for six days a week.


A study in Polytechnic University – Arizona concluded that half a cup of peas in a lunch could reduce cholesterol by eight percent.