Of course, this diet is recommended in two cases, first if you are really not satisfied with your weight and second if you like and you are a fan of the southern fruit-banana. We suggest in this case is what some call it “a morning banana diet”. At first glance, we are sure that you thought that we are preparing you to eat exclusively bananas. No, it’s a fallacy. The point is that we encourage you to eat more fruits, you are required to regain your feeling of hunger and fullness and not to dine after 20:00.

The advantage of this type of diet from the many you come across or recommended to you by friends or experts is the fact that there is no strict meal fixation in this diet, as there is no counting of calories. The point is that you can eat everything that you usually eat, but you should stop when you feel that you are 80% full, and especially after dinner you must skip the dessert. Also, we sincerely recommend that you go to bed before midnight, because a good sleep is considered very important for good health and stress reduction. So, follow the advice below:

 ·         Breakfast

You should eat bananas for breakfast and drink 2 cups of water. The water should not be cold from the fridge, but it should be at room temperature. If you are still hungry after eating bananas, wait 30 minutes before you try to snack something else.

 ·         Lunch and dinner

You can freely eat what you normally eat for lunch and dinner, with one note: during lunch, make sure you eat especially rice (Japanese food). Very important for the people who crave sweets that easily fall into temptation: only one small snack of sweets are allowed in the afternoon. It’s the only time you are allowed to eat sweets (cakes). Remember this important thing – avoid dairy products and especially ice cream.

 ·         Exercise

We advise you on a daily walk and exercise (only if this does not cause and increase stress).

 ·         What are the advantages of this diet?

You should not be worried about what you eat, you just need to make sure that the meal you have does not contain any dairy products and to have a good practice to stop eating before you feel full.

 ·         Note

Cook what you usually cook before starting this diet, but it is recommended to avoid canned ready-made foods from grocery stores and food stores.

 ·         Remember

Every healthy diet (banana diet is one of them) will help you keep diabetes, blood cholesterol, high blood pressure and heart disease under control.

 ·         Summary

All specialists and nutritionists agree on one thing: when you are tired, the craving for unhealthy foods increases. Keep that in mind.