Back pain can be very annoying and unpleasant that we get when we sit in a chair at home or at work, when we are overweight, from stress, lack of physical activity or some other health related problems.

Usually, we go for the pills to make the pain go away but sometimes pills are not enough for the pain to disappear completely.

We give you some advice on how to reduce your back pain at home.

Get more sleep

It is recommended to sleep 8 hours a day. If you sleep less than that, your body will not have enough time to rest and you will not fill ready to fulfill your daily tasks. Drinking chamomile tea or doing some breathing exercises before bed can help your body to relax if you have some trouble sleeping.


Performing exercises the right way can help your back fighting the pain. Especially swimming, cycling, and hiking are great for strengthening your back muscles.

Reduce your weight

Overweight can also lead to back pain. With a healthy diet and a 15-minute daily workout, you can reduce your weight, but if you like to additionally strengthen your back muscles, then starting with yoga, pilates, and aerobics could be the right choice for you.


As we mentioned before, many of the back pain problems are the result of long working hours sitting in the same position in an office chair or in front of your computer. No matter how much work you need to finish, try to make time for a break every 30 minutes to stretch.

Straight posture

Spending long time sitting in a chair in a bad position prevents your back muscles to withstand your weight. Make sure that your feet are flat to the ground and your spine straight as an arrow when you sit.


Another way to reduce your back pain is with a massage. If you are not able to afford a regular visit to the spa centers to get a massage, then take some tennis balls and place them on a flat surface, then lay down on them and move up and down very slowly.


If you have a mattress that is older than 6 years, then it is time to change it. Avoid taking an advice that a firm mattress Is the right choice, but pick the one that will suit you.