It maybe sounds unbelievable, but if you place and hold the cube on the precise location, it can lead to marvelous results.

The area on the neck just below the head is known as “Feng Fu” and applying pressure on that area can stimulate the energy, good mood, and immunity.

Try it out, it won’t cost you anything.

What exactly you should do?

Lie down on your stomach and place and hold an ice cube on the place indicated on the picture for about 20 minutes. In order not to move the ice cube, secure it in place with a soft material.

What is interesting is that you will feel some incredible heat in that area in 30 to 40 seconds.

Repeat the procedure in the morning and before bedtime, with some break for 2 to 3 days. At the beginning, expect to be euphoric as a result of the release of endorphins.



What are the benefits of this massage?

  • It improves sleep,
  • Regulates colds,
  • Reduces pain in the body,
  • Improves the digestion system,
  • Improves mood.

It can also help with:

  • Cardiovascular problems,
  • Problems with the thyroid gland,
  • Respiratory problems and diseases,
  • PMS,
  • Small mental disorders.