The human organism is mysterious and sometimes pretty odd system. Some health problems can suddenly appear, and disappear just as fast.

And we will be amazed and surprised by some tricks to control our organism.

Here are some of them:

Sore throat

Hot tea can sure be of some use, just as well as rinsing with a salt water, but there is another less known trick that u can use to get rid of the sour throat. You just need to scratch your ears. Otolaryngologists claim that scratching your ears stimulates the nerve endings of the ear shell by creating spasm in the muscles of the throat.

For calming your nerves

When you feel that your nerves are reaching an end-point, you just need to wash off with some cold water to completely calm down. The cold water will make you hold your breath for a short period and it will cool down your nerve receptors. You can get the same effect with drinking cold water.

Fear of injections

Some people have very hard time getting an injection. The next time, right before you get your injection from the nurse, get a good cough, and it will help you draw attention from the painful procedure for a short period.

Stuffy nose

Push your upper palate with your tongue and with your fingers press your forehead right above your eyebrows. You will feel much better after 20 seconds.

Prevent scarring after a burn

If you get a burn, do not rush after a bag of ice, just give the burned area a little press with your fingers. That way the body temperature will return to normal in a natural way on the burned area.


This trick can be useful for people with sensitive teeth. Place a bag of ice in your hand, and then place it in the deepening between your thumb and forefinger. That is the spot you have nerves ends passing through the face and in this way they send a signal from your hand to relieve the pain.


Feeling nervous and mild heart beat? It will sound strange but this next trick can calm you down and bring you back to normal. All you have to do is blow in your own thumb. The thumb is responsible for the nerve called “vagus” which literally has a connection between our body and our mind and our “stomach feelings”.