Around 80% of the population suffers from lower back pain at some point in their lifetime. Only those who experienced this pain know how painful and unpleasant it can be. Standing, sitting and even laying down does not help in reducing the pain, which negatively affects the quality of life. If you suffer from everyday pain in the waist, it is impossible to finish your daily tasks with ease. You can try using pills for the pain but they only work for a certain amount of time. But when you use pills for a long period you become immune to the same medications and they are not effective as much.

These are 10 efficient ways that are worth trying in order to reduce the pain that you feel in your lower back.

Limit your sleeping hours

Spending a lot of time in your bed will not reduce the pain. On the contrary, long sleeping hours prolongs the healing process and makes the pain stronger and unbearable. The more time you spend in your bed your muscles get stiff and weaker. The longer time you spend in bed, the bigger the pain gets, and the pain will lead you right back to bed. You drag yourself in a magic circle which can last for mounts while you suffer from chronic pain.

For that reason, sleeping for a longer period is not recommended at least not more than the necessary 6 to 8 hours. When you wake up, get up slowly and start your day with a mild physical activity. You will have a faster circulation and your healing process will be accelerated also.

You will feel better in few days instead of a couple of mounts.

Therapy with ice

The best thing you can do if you have injured lower back Is to put some ice on the area. Putting ice pack is more efficient in the first 48 hours. The sooner you start applying the ice the better. Apply an ice pack on the injured area and hold for 15 to 20-minutes. Repeat this procedure every hour.

Hot therapy

As we mentioned before it is important to put some ice on the injured area in the first 48 hours. But after 2 days it is important that you apply some heat to take effect on the waist. Heat is especially recommended for most of the pain in the muscles unless it is a matter of fresh acute injury. Heat will relieve a lot of pain if you have a stretched muscle, you feel a certain tightening of the muscle or you have cramps.

The heat will speed up the circulation and reduce the stiffness. You can put thermophore filled with hot water on the waist, warm stones or some warm-up cream.


Yoga is a perfect physical activity for those who suffer from lower back pain. There are many poses for beginners that do not require any previous knowledge or preparation, with which you will feel instant relief.

You will relax, get a good stretch and straighten your muscles. You will improve your stability and your body posture. Yoga is simply a remedy for both the body and the mind.


Lower back pain can increase if you immediately engage in an intense physical activity. Besides yoga, you can do some hiking. Make sure to wear some comfortable shoes so the pain does not get worse. Hiking is simply great because it is a way better alternative than sitting or standing.

Physical therapy

When it comes to your health, the smartest choice is to look for professionals and well-trained people who will know exactly how to help you. They will give you more precise and accurate advice and exercises that you need to do. You can always look for some alternative methods like visiting a chiropractic specialist who will “fix” you if you got some badly stretched muscles. Do a good research and ask around to know who exactly will “crack” you.


There is nothing better for dealing with back pain than a good massage, right? However, when you schedule your appointment, do not ask for a relaxation massage but for a sports massage or injury massage specialist. It is interesting that sometimes the lower back pain does not originate from that area, but can easily be caused by some nerves in the neck or some parts of the feet. That is why specialist massager will know on which exact parts to turn his attention to ease your pain.

Healthy body weight

You will not be surprised if you read somewhere that the main cause of back pain is overweight. The bigger the weight you carry, the bigger the pressure and pain you will have on your back. You will be surprised how much positive effect you will have over your whole body if you reduce a few pounds of body weight. Always be physically active and maintain a normal body weight index.

Good mattress and proper sleeping position

Rule no. 1 for people with lower back pain: never sleep on your stomach. If you sleep on your back, place a long pillow just below your waist and one under your knees so that the spine can maintain the correct shape. If you prefer to slip aside, place a thin pillow or rolled up towel between your hips so they can be in the same line.

A good mattress is also important when it comes to a healthy back. The mattress has an expiration date, and after 10 years of everyday use, you can just throw it away. If you are able to choose, always pick a mattress with a memory foam that will shape according to your body and give you the best support for a healthy sleep. In the meantime rotate your mattress every few mounts, because a long term use of the same side of the mattress makes a hole in it and that is not good for your back.

Straight walking

Sounds simple, but it is not that easy. How many times your friends smack you in the back and yelled at you to correct your posture? In fact, all of the back and waist pain originates from bad posture. Make sure that the chair you are using is comfortable and of a good quality. While you work on your computer be aware of the position of your neck and jaw, they can not be raised up too high or bent forward too much. Your computer monitor must be in a straight line with your look without putting pressure on your neck. When you stand up, make sure that your ankles, knees, and hips are in a straight line so you do not create any pressure on the spine. Standing and sitting for a longer period should be avoided. Therefore, it is necessary to stand up, move and stretch properly more often.