Good body posture is the key to more attractive look, but also a sign of a good health.

If you got some difficulty to keep your body straight, try improving your posture with these steps.

  1. Use exercises to improve your posture

If you work in an office, you must do 10 to 20 minutes of exercise. Look for help and suggestions from a professional, warm-up and complete your dose of a daily exercise.

  1. Organize your office desk

If you spend a lot of time on a computer, make sure that your desk is the same height with your elbows, and your eyes are looking the monitor at a right angle.







  1. Use your phone at the right angle

Don’t bend your head to look at your phone, instead, raise your hand, and then fix the desired position of your phone. Your phone’s display needs the adjustment, not your body. That is why you need to keep your head at 0 degrees, like the man in the first picture



  1. Use phone apps

We are talking about the kind of apps that keep on reminding you when you bend your spine or your neck too much.





  1. Breathe properly

Slow breathing, using your diaphragm, will help you improve your posture fast and naturally.




  1. Be aware of your body position

Even when you sleep. Your back always needs to be straight, which means that your mattress needs adjustments, not your body.






  1. Sit with your back bent under 135 degrees

Remember that this way you get the least pressure on your back.




  1. Practice yoga

Practicing yoga might be perfect for your posture. Pilates and aerobics to are a great choice for your road to ideal body posture.

  1. Learn to stand up right

It sounds funny, but many people stand wrong. Don’t bend your buttocks and shoulders and don’t disfigure your neck. Make sure that your whole body makes one straight line.