Heart attack and panic attack have very similar symptoms: severe chest pain, sweating, confusion, nausea and so on.

The fact that the heart attack can cause panic just increases the confusion more.

Despite the similar symptoms, there are ways to differentiate the symptoms with ease.

How to recognize a heart attack?

  1. People describe the pain during the heart attack as unbearable.
  2. Usually, the pain appears in the middle of the chest and can spread down the left arm or the back.
  3. The pain can spread all the way to the neck, jaw, and teeth.
  4. The pain intensity may vary.
  5. This condition lasts more than 5 minutes and does not affect the breathing in any way.
  6. Tingling appears in the left hand, instantaneous coldness and nausea can be felt and can even lead to vomiting. If these symptoms appear and you have them for over 5 minutes immediately call for an ambulance or ask someone to take you to the nearest hospital.


How to recognize a panic attack?

  1. Panic attack symptoms usually reach a peak within 10 minutes.
  2. The pain can be localized in the chest and appears like a wave (it comes and goes).
  3. During a panic attack, people can feel tingling and stiffness that is not limited only to the left arm but can be felt on the right arm and both of the legs and fingers.
  4. In the event of a panic attack, people tend to experience irrational fears such as fear of suffocation.

If you could not determine whether it is a heart attack or a panic attack, immediately seek a medical attention.


In the event of a heart attack, untimely search for help or a delayed medical attention can be fatal.

If a panic attack is not treated on time, it can only get worse with more frequent attacks.

You can significantly improve the quality of your life if you get your specialist examination on time.