All of us have ever experienced pain in the body that we can not describe or find out exactly what is caused.


In those moments, we wish we could look inside the body and identify the organ or the place that makes us trouble.There are several types of pains that your body reacts most often, so read who they are. Of course, do not rely solely on this and whenever you experience severe pain in some of these places, contact a doctor.



If something is wrong with the heart, you will feel chest tightness, which can be continued through the left arm, shoulder or neck. Contrary to other types of pain, the heart is not very much related to body movement or breathing.








Kidney pain can often be confused with back pain. The difference is the fact that kidney pain is deeper and hurts under the ribs. Muscle pain is usually felt under the kidneys.







Small intestine

Most often, a small intestine problem may cause pain in the navel. If you feel severe and transverse pain when you lie down or walking, visit a doctor.








If you have a colon problem, it will be characterized by pain in the abdomen, on the right side. This problem can also cause difficulty with the emptying of the bowel.







The lungs alone can not hurt you because they have no nerve endings. But you may feel sore chest pain around the lungs. The pain can be followed by slight coughing and loss of air.







The appendix is located in the lower right side of the abdomen. But the pain caused by problems with it can be spread throughout the stomach and the upper or lower part, and it can spread to the right leg.







If you have a problem with the stomach, pain can manifest under the ribs, in the middle, and you can feel it on the same level, but at the back. Pain in the stomach is close to the heart, so it can often be confused, but it is best to consult a doctor.






Bile and liver

In the case of a liver and bile problem, the pain appears in the right upper part of the abdomen, or at the same level on the back side. Symptoms of this may be bitterness in the mouth, jaundice and many other signs.





The pain due to pancreatic problems appears in the center of the upper abdomen. Less intense pain can spread through the entire abdomen. Pain may increase if you lie on your back or after eating.