Most of us, when we mention food allergy, first think about eggs, milk, strawberries or something similar.

However, some people develop a food allergy that we would never have thought we could make a problem.

Allergens are proteins that are found in foods that can cause abnormal response of our immune system. Our body can sometimes reject a completely normal protein and produce antibodies that will have to cope with it. An interesting fact is that people today become allergic to foods that have not previously caused such reactions. Nutritionists claim that all this is due to poor nutrition and lifestyle.

5 unexpected food allergies

Marshmallow – this popular mild in rare cases causes an allergy due to the gelatin used in its making. Those who are allergic to gelatin are usually allergic to meat.

Mango – in this case allergy occurs as a result of the chemical ingredient urushiol, which causes itching when it comes into contact with the skin.

Avocado-avocado allergy may occur when eating or contacting it. In contact with skin irritation, redness, swelling and itching, while eating occurs itching in the mouth and throat. Studies show that people who are allergic to latex are usually allergic to avocados.

Corn – allergies to corn are very rare, but when they occur, all corn products must be avoided. Well, the allergy can occur after eating corn, corn-containing products, or inhaling the pollen from corn.

Meat – in certain cases, meat allergy may also develop. With the warming and processing of meat, the symptoms of it may be reduced. If you are allergic to a particular type of meat does not mean that you are allergic to all.