• When choosing a ball, be sure to match the age of your child.
  • If you don’t have at home, you can purchase at any sports equipment store or specialized children’s toys stores.
  • The balls must be made of three-layer rubber, be safe and durable, and not made of toxic material.

Here are more examples of how your child can play with a ball to prevent many diseases on the spine.

Exercise no.1

Practicing balance – in a seated position on the ball with outstretched arms and legs outstretched.






Exercise no.2

Leaning on the stomach through the ball with outstretched hands on the side and spread legs.






Exercise no.3

Push-ups: the palms on the floor, feet above the floor. Push-ups are done according to capabilities.






Exercise no.4

The child occupies a lying position – with his feet holding the ball in the air.







Exercise no. 5

The child takes a laid-back position – with his back through the ball, and performs a stretching with his hands above his head.






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