Pain in the spinal cord (spine) may be caused by poor posture, long sitting without changing the position, and weak or no physical activity. That’s why we propose our program exercises in order to increase the mobility of the spine through them, to strengthen the back and abdominal muscles, in one word to stabilize the spinal cord.


  1. To start the exercises take the position like on the Fig.1:

Then lift the body from the ground up and lower it (Fig.2). For starters, do it 5 -10 times.


2. Lay on the back with support of the elbows, one leg is bent in the knee (Fig 3).

With your opposite arm you push your knee and resist the attempt to turn over the opposite side. So you need to keep balance position, alternately.

3. Take position as in Fig.5. Then, lower your chin down to the bottom, and touch the mattress with your chin (Fig.6). This is repeated 10 times (or 5 times for beginners).

4. Four-legged position on the knees and forearms (Fig.7) – place the right hand on the place where the elbow was, rotate the body in the back, the head turns to the same side (Fig.8).

5. Lying on the side (Fig.9), with the upper hand resting on the surface and both legs are raised (Fig.10).

6. Lying on the back support on the heels and elbows (Fig.11) – lift the body and hold for 5-15 seconds (Fig.12).

7. Lying on the back, legs are stretched (Fig.13) – lift one and the other leg, keep in that position (Fig.14).

8. Four-legged position with weights in the hands (Fig. 15) – alternately lifting one and the other hand to the side (Fig.17) and to the front (Fig.16).