In the desire to achieve the best possible results (records) athletes are exposed to an increasing percentage of injuries. They occur most often on athletes and recreationists who don’t perform any preparations as a preventative.

Treatment of sports injuries is specific. There is one rule – the injured athlete must be completely cured. Recovery must be complete in order not to risk new injury that is usually more difficult than the previous one.

The knee is most commonly injured, which together with the ankle, suffer the greatest load of human body. Injuries cause: tissue damage, bleeding (hematoma), inflammation and ossification.

In order to avoid injury, it is necessary to take preventive measures:

  • To make prior selection of athletes (to determine the psycho-physical ability for sporting, focusing on a particular sport discipline)
  • Competitive preparedness (a result of training, fitness and sports experience)
  • Sports venues (sports facilities must meet all conditions for safer sporting)
  • Appropriate protective equipment (according to the respective sports regulations)
  • Preventive bandages (it can prevent the onset, or reduce the severity of the ligament, tendon or bone injury)
  • Control and self-control


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