Hawthorn is tough, medium sized tree. The hawthorn flowers have a strong smell and smell like honey. The fruits are red and are harvested in late summer.

Medicinal parts of the plant: The flowers, leaves, and fruit without stems. The flowers and leaves should be harvested in the spring. The flowers are picked only from the tree that is in full-blossom. Dry them in a thin layer and make sure that it doesn’t change color at all. Fruits are harvested after ripening. They dry first in the shade and then dry on a warm oven.

The medicinal effect 

It is believed that hawthorn is one of the most valuable and most effective herbs for the heart. It’s strengthens and regulates heartbeat. In addition, hawthorn has always been used as a natural remedy for blood pressure regulation. Because it can raise the low pressure in cases of weakened heart muscle. He is good at treating damaged heart muscle in old age, in inflammation of the heart muscle, works beneficially in treating blood vessels and is a good natural anti-angina pectoris remedy. In other words it works beneficially against all heart diseases. Hawthorn also has a positive effect on the nervous system.