This medicinal plant is widespread in the eastern and central parts of Asia. It is called a miraculous root. The root of the ginseng is cylindrical, and it resembles the human body’s shape. Some people have devoted their entire lives to seeking a miraculous root. This plant in China, due to many years of exploitation, has almost been eradicated on his natural habitats. Positive effects of this medicinal plant are numerous. Ginseng is a traditional psychophysical tonic and stimulant. It is used as a general tonic, a resource to increase the resistance of the organism to various stressful situations and diseases. The application of ginseng delays the onset of fatigue and improves physical abilities.

Ginseng is an ancient plant in human nutrition and has been used for more than 5000 years. Chinese medicine for centuries considers this plant to be a miracle. Various types of ginseng, which today can be found in wide sales, come from Korea, China, America and Siberia, all of which originate from the Araliace family. The whole experience with this plant says that it stimulates mental and physical strength and ability, and therefore, it functions in a beneficial way to the human body. Ancient oriental records, originating from Chinese doctors, call the root of this plant “the root of life.” This plant claim to slow down the aging process, keep and restore body and mind power. Experts usually explain the vitality and long life of the Chinese by regularly using this miraculous root. Ginseng successfully normalizes the functions of the organism disturbed by stress. It is important to emphasize that it stimulates the reproductive system and circulation in men and in this way removes male impotence.

Siberian and Indian ginsengs have additional characteristics. Siberian ginseng stimulates the immune function of the organism. It is therefore recommended to prevent cold and flu. Recent scientific research suggests that a Siberian ginseng has a positive effect when it comes to the long-term treatment of the more severe forms of immune system disease, such as various autoimmune diseases, lupus, HIV infection, chronic fatigue syndrome.

Indian ginseng, ashwaganda, is excellent against stress, it calms but gives the body energy. Ashvaganda cleans the body and it is good to take it in combination with ginger for better digestion.

Ginseng is recommending for:

  • Athletes and people who perform difficult physical tasks
  • Patients with bronchitis, asthma, arthritis, various inflammation and candida infection
  • After radiation and chemotherapy
  • Low-blooded individuals and those with low circulation
  • Persons with disordered digestion and poor circulation
  • Men in the period of andropause and women during the menopause period
  • Against insomnia, depression, chronic fatigue
  • For general vitality, cleansing and detoxification of the organism

Medicinal properties

According to Chinese medicine, ginseng effectively treats impotence and blood pressure disorders. Likewise, ginseng works on anemia, inflammatory joint disorders, and digestive disorders, removing insomnia, fatigue and circulatory disturbances, and preventing hypoglycemia. In addition, with the influence of internal secretions (endocrine glands), ginseng is particularly helpful in the full utilization of vitamins and minerals in the body. Without vitamins and minerals, the organism cannot process and transform the energy of sugar and fat, or protein into essential energy. Taking ginseng can benefit everyone, regardless of age and sex, it is useful for treating diseases and preventing them.

Way of preparation

1-2 gr. of dry root should be consumed every day cooked as tea or as soup. Add the dried roots of a ginseng in a boiling water and let it stand for 4-5 minutes. You can use the root 2-3 times more for this kind of tea preparation, then you can eat them. You can add a ginseng during the preparation of other teas.

It is necessary to warn about one characteristic of ginseng: Low doses increase, while high doses lower blood pressure! Preparations of ginseng are usually taken on an empty stomach, with a lot of fluid. Only in this way it can fully manifest their medicinal properties.