Super cream, prepared only with one egg (boiled, because you only need the egg yolk), 400ml olive oil and 600g beeswax.


  • Place the oil in a pan of fire and melt a piece of wax in a low heat
  • After boiling, add egg yolk
  • When starts to make foam, remove the pan from the fire
  • After it has calmed down, return the pan back to the fire and stir constantly until the mixture gets dark brown
  • After It will cool down, drain through the gauze
  • The prepared cream is then placed in a glass bowl and it closes well
  • In the refrigerator can be stored for up to 10 months


For inflammation of the sinuses – melt a bit of cream and place one drop into the nose. The mixture will effectively stop the inflammation of the sinuses and absorb the pus.

With bronchitis – consume half a tablespoon of the cream three times a day before meals,

In case of burns, toothache or wounds – apply to the affected area. With the cream you will heal your nails and remove the annoying hemorrhoids.