There is no single medical branch, where physical medicine is not an integral part of the team’s treatment. Physical therapy is application of various forms of physical energy (light, heat, electrical, magnetic and mechanical energy, as well as ultra-sound and laser). They prevent, cure and functionally improve the sick and injured persons (medical rehabilitation). So, Physical Therapy is one of the oldest treatment methods in the history of medicine. Ancient Egyptians, Assyrians, Greeks and Romans have used solar light energy as a means for the treatment of certain diseases and disorders. There are even preserved electro-therapy records, application of animal eliktricitet (Aristotle, Skribonie, Diosquire). And the old Chinese used natural agents for the treatment (heat, motion, sting, etc.).

However, the “queen” of Physiotherapy is consider the kinesitherapy (therapy using the movement).


The term “rehabilitation” comes from the Latin word “rehabilitatio” which means – restoring the previous, former condition.

Medical rehabilitation means all acts of activities that aim to reduce the consequences of the illness or injury and to develop remaining physically and mentally abilities of the individual.