Cumin is a self-sufficiency plant, although in recent times it grows more in gardens and in the fields. First of all, it belongs to the spice plants however it has multiply healing properties, especially black (Nigella sativa).

Naturally grows in eastern and warm countries, especially in Egypt, Syria, and India. There are records in which it can be clearly seen that it is very often used in old Egyptian medicine. Egyptian pharaohs used it as a spice for meals and for the treatment of many diseases, inflammation, allergies, metabolic disorders, urinary tract, and depression. It is interesting to note that one bottle of cumin oil was found in the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankamon.

Eastern nations for cumin said that treats all the diseases except death! Even the Bible mentions the cumin as an integral part of the bread, which eliminates flatulence, treats lung, stomach and jaundice diseases

Medicinal properties

Cumin strengthens the stomach, stimulates digestion, the production of hormones. Positively affects lung diseases, skin diseases, asthma-induced difficulties. It calms bronchi, allergic asthma, cough, improves immunity, and increases the production of antibodies. It prevents the onset of cancer because it encourages the production of defensive cells, a healthy cell protects against damage, destroys the tumor cells. When women are concerned, It calms the cramps of the uterus, alleviates pain during labor and delivery. Women are provided with more milk during breastfeeding. Particularly good results show in the treatment of children with bronchitis, asthma, various allergies and atypical eczema.


Cumin oil

The most important product of cumin is an oil, which contains hundreds of active substances. It gets from mature seeds, cold pressing. This oil contains a nigellone that expand the bronchi and relaxes muscles and thymoquinone that lowers cholesterol, It stimulates the secretion of the bile and facilitates digestion of food. In addition, cumin oil treats lung diseases, bronchial asthma, migraine, prevents hair loss and obesity. It also has an antibacterial effect.

When used for a long time, it removes the symptoms of rheumatism, diabetes, severe inflammation and increased pressure. Therefore, those who suffer from such diseases should consume oil of this plant, for a period of half a year. If during this period a healthy lifestyle is maintained, it is possible to relieve the symptoms of the disease. Cumin oil is recommended as salad addition and for the overflow of ready-to-eat foods. It can also be added before the end of cooking. But it should not be used for long cooking in order not to destroy medicinal substances. For the treatment of disease, the oil should be taken at 25 drops three times a day. Healthy people are only 25 drops a day.

Tea from cumin against bronchitis and cough

One large spoon of cumin, one small spoon of chamomile and half a tiny spoon of anise should be mixed in hot water. Leave to stand for 10 minutes, process, sweeten with honey and drink several times a day.