Treatment with medicinal herbs started 16000 years ago.


Fresh herbs in first aid kit

The cradle of herbal medicine is China. But it is also known that the ancient Babylonians, 5,000 years ago, manufactured herbal tablets in combination with clay. 600 years BC Pythagoras taught his students about the methods of healing with medicinal herbs.
For cosmetic purposes, plants have been in use for 7000 years. Roman doctor Galen wrote a prescription of herbal facial cream 1800 years ago. He forms the basis of all modern creams.
Medicinal plants are powerful drugs, the fact is that they form the basis of many modern drugs. They often don’t cost anything and they help a lot. Industrial-produced “natural cosmetics” contains synthetic preservatives, which are the cause of one-third of all possible allergies to cosmetics.


Herbal in traditional medicine

Traditional medicine claims that herbal medicine can cure all illnesses only if they are properly used. Plants have always been of great interest. They grow everywhere around us. They are easily grown and processed. Not pollute and are not dangerous to the environment. Plants cause much less damage than many ingredients  found in almost all drugs, cosmetic preparations and artificial foods.

Medicinal herbs are a true gift of nature. Today, about 10,000 species of plants are in use. Research on their medicinal properties is done almost continuously in all parts of the world.