Rejoice with the chemical products for your face and greet the natural cream you can make yourself. We offer you recipe for face cream on a natural base, from which your skin will be gentle and healthy. Follow our guidelines and say “goodbye forever” to the expensive cosmetic products.

 Night face cream

The following ingredients are required to make this honey cream

-20g White wax
-20g Cetaceum
-20g cocoa butter
-10g almond or sunflower oil
-40 g white Vaseline
– 35g Distilled water
(All the ingredients can be purchased at the pharmacy)


All ingredients, except distilled water, are put in a bowl and dissolved on water vapor. The resulting mixture should be cooled slightly. In a semi-cooled mixture, add a drop of drop from the distilled water by constant stirring until the mixture completely cools down. The product obtained is a face cream that you can perfume as you like. The cream is used before bedtime.